This is business, and before anything else, your firm needs to show a profit. That being said, there can be great benefits to investing in sustainable technologies when it comes to construction. The current industry standard for sustainable construction is LEED construction. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has been the standard for sustainable construction practices since its inception in 1994 – it promotes a system of sustainable construction that goes above and beyond minimum building codes to ensure that new buildings will not only be functional today, they will also be sustainable into the future, energy efficient, and made from responsibly sourced materials.
Builders who invest in the latest sustainable technologies in the construction process can recoup those costs over time in the form of decreased building operation costs as a result of greater energy efficiency. Construction firms today need to recognize that sustainable construction is becoming a greater and greater concern. It is estimated that the buildings in a country consume 40% of the energy consumed there on a yearly basis. As a result, these are huge energetic and efficiency gains to be made as more and more firms buy into the importance of sustainable construction.
Regulators play a significant role in sustainable construction by creating the right incentives for companies that choose to build in a sustainable way. Firms that do so on their own should be celebrated, and individuals have the opportunity to “vote with their wallet” when it comes to hiring firms that adhere to sustainability principles in projects. At the same time, the government can legislate and create mandates that require firms to build in a sustainable way.

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